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Discover an ideal introduction to anal pleasure with our Mini Butt Plug from the renowned Cuties range, designed specifically for beginners. This velvety soft plug features a timeless cone shape, ensuring a gradual and comfortable entry into the world of anal exploration. The gentle, narrow tip adds to your ease and comfort during insertion.

With an easy-to-hold stopper, this plug guarantees secure usage by preventing over-insertion, prioritizing your safety. Constructed entirely from silicone boasting a luxurious Silk Touch texture, its remarkable flexibility ensures effortless insertion and a snug fit that adjusts seamlessly to your body's natural contours. Experience a journey into anal eroticism that's marked by both confidence and comfort with our carefully crafted Mini Butt Plug.


  • Small, cone-shaped butt plug
  • Gentle narrow tip
  • Wide, safe stopper
  • Flexible for a comfortable feeling when worn
  • Silicone with a Silk Touch texture
  • Perfect for beginners in anal eroticism

Product Specifications

Complete length: 6.5cm / 2.55in

Insertion length: 6cm / 2.36in

Diameter butt plug: 3.1cm / 1.22in

Diameter of tapered part 1cm / .39in

Weight: 27g / .95oz

Material: Silicone, PU

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