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For those venturing into the world of anal pleasure, our Mini Butt Plug from the celebrated Cuties range is the ideal starting point. Crafted with beginners in mind, this velvety soft plug showcases a classic cone shape that facilitates a gentle and gradual introduction to anal exploration. The narrow tip ensures comfort and ease during insertion.

Equipped with an easy-to-hold stopper, this plug guarantees safe usage by preventing excessive insertion. Meticulously fashioned from silicone with a luxurious Silk Touch texture, its flexibility assures an effortless and comfortable fit, adapting seamlessly to your unique anatomy. Designed to enhance comfort and excitement, our Mini Butt Plug promises a rewarding journey into the realms of anal eroticism.


  • Small, cone-shaped butt plug
  • Gentle narrow tip
  • Wide, safe stopper
  • Flexible for a comfortable feeling when worn
  • Silicone with a Silk Touch texture
  • Perfect for beginners in anal eroticism

Product Specifications

Complete length: 8.4cm / 3.3in

Insertion length: 7.7cm / 3.03in

Diameter butt plug: 2.1cm / .82in

Diameter of tapered part .8cm / .31in

Weight: 20g /.70oz

Material: Silicone, PU

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