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The upscale, single-use sex toy has now been improved! The TENGA Soft Case Cup is designed as a discreet, cylindrical case. This Premium version has an even more intricate texture, superior silicone material, a more flexible squeeze cup, and a more advanced lubricant for smoother gliding. The disposable toy is ready for use right away. After entering the soft opening, the penis will be immersed in high-quality lubricant, removing the need for additional lubricant. The multiple textures and varying diameters inside provide a highly stimulating massage. The flexible, tube-shaped case can be squeezed for added intensity. The innovative vacuum opening at the end of the cup offers incredible suction sensations, similar to a blowjob. The sticker can be removed from the vacuum opening, allowing the user to cover or uncover it with a finger, based on personal preference.


  • Disposable masturbator as a Premium version
  • Soft tube cup for adjusting the pressure
  • Adjustable sucking effect
  • With Premium lubricant – ready for use
  • Soft, padded opening
  • High-quality materials

Product Specifications

Length: 15.6 cm / 6.14 in
Insertion depth: 15 cm / 5.90 in
Diameter: 4.5 cm / 1.77 in
Material: TPE, PP, urethane

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